Otra Mas is Spanish for “Another One” or “One More”. We strive to restore one horse, one person, one family or one group at a time back to wholeness.




We adopt rescued and retired performance horses, rehabilitate them, and retrain them to be partners with humans in our Equine-Assisted Learning ( EAL ) and Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy ( EAP ) programs.



"I learned I could trust adults to help me achieve my goals."

J. K., middle school student, Newport Beach, CA

"I was in disbelief. I didn't think that I could have an emotional connection with a horse.

I felt like I had made a friend. It allowed me to get really in touch with how I feel.

If you've been hurt, sometimes it's harder to be around other human beings, but there's no judgment with a horse."

S. S., college student, Long Beach, CA

"I like horses. I rode a lot in my youth. However, when I met Beemer I doubted that I would accomplish anything approaching "therapeutic". But it was a lovely day and I decided to keep an open mind. I spent some time being near him in the corral, initially at a distance, gradually drawing closer to him. Eventually, by leading him through some exercises, using instructions and my own creativity, I was able to get some clarity regarding issues in my life. I had fun and was pleasantly surprised by the results."

B.A. Director of Marketing

"I did the past, present, and future exercise with (the horse).  I really saw how much I was holding onto my past. I was also reminded that moving into an uncertain future, I wasn't alone. I have both love and support I need to move forward. "

S. M.  Orange, CA

A Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy Organization

Otra Mas

27252 Calle Arroyo / San Juan Capistrano, Ca 92675





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