We all know the value of meditation in calming the mind, regulating ones neurophysiology, promoting a sense of well being, and boosting the immune system. Imagine having the support of horses that are naturally mindful, and always seek peace and safety within their environment. It does seem to increase the benefits of meditation. Research has shown that horses can hear a person’s heartbeat if that person is within 3 feet. Research also notes that at that distance, the heart rate of the horse and human start to synchronize with each other, initiating a relaxation response. Come see for yourself. We will be sitting in an arena with several horses from our Otra Mas herd. No prior experience with horses is necessary. Boots are required: jeans, long sleeved shirts, hats and sunscreen are recommended. Please go to the “Meet Up” app, Meditation with Horses to sign up. There is no fee, but donations to Otra Mas are always appreciated. The care of our horses is supported primarily by individual donations.

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