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A Letter from our Founder,


At least once a week I receive a call about a horse in need. Often they are performance horses, working horses that are aging or injured and can no longer perform in their career. These horses have a strong work ethic and have been imprinted at birth to work with people. They interact daily with their human partners. These are not horses you can "put out to pasture". Even though the picture of the horse grazing on the green grass in the large open meadow is a pretty one, to the horses, out to pasture equals abandonment. They feel rejected, shamed and lonely. They need people. They need to work. They certainly don't deserve to be euthanized either. Yet these are the 2 most common outcomes for aging or injured horses. I started OTRA MAS out of the need for a place that could take these horses in, rehabilitate them and retrain them for a new career. Our horses become therapy horses in our Equine Assisted Therapy Program. They can still be happy, still be useful and well cared for. Not only does the horse get to live but their owner gets to feel great that their beloved animal is still alive and has a meaningful life giving back to the community. Our horses get a new home on our beautiful six-acre ranch, a new horse and human herd to interact with daily, superior care and a new career. OTRA MAS gives horses that second chance at life, for most, their final chance.



Kathy Holman, Founder of OTRA MAS


The work of OTRA MAS is supported primarily by donations of individuals and corporations and

is a 501 (c)(3)


OTRA MAS will provide immediate shelter and aid for horses during emergencies and natural disasters

Saving Demi

A Horse Rescue and Equine Therapy Organization

Otra Mas

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